Hot Dog Drawing Challenge

When Howard Lee draws a hot dog…You won’t know what’s going to happen next! Drawing challenge meets illusion in this motion artwork that will keep you guessing. Artwork drawn with Prismacolor and Copic marker on Daler Board.

Music: Tomorrow Will Be Better, I Promise by Exist Strategy provided by Audiopad

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Ruben Ramos says:

OMG And all this time i thinked that the ketchup,mayo and mustard were all draws smh bye

Kerry Boyd says:

What's the song used?

TheAmerican Admiral says:

good prank there :)

唐子 says:

So amazing✨
You are very cool artist?


Wow !!!! Great
Have a great day
--- Greetings from Japan

karina quiroz says:

OMG!! DRAW BEAUTIFUL continues loved what you like

ComputerJA says:

I couldn't tell until I paused it and took a closer look. Great job!

Maicol Florez says:

Simplemente es impresionante.

Chelsea S. Horizon says:

I honestly didn't know which one was the real one so well done. :)

Tomas Castaño says:

o por dios el pancho esta unido a la mesaaa

Abril XD says:

Troll level master :'v

Eskillz says:

did the hot dog get cold?

XOXDomagoj says:

Now im hungry

Jhonatan Damian says:

the song's name please

Osama Bin Laden says:

Amazing drawing! However it was easy to see which one was fake. I had to take a few looks but then I saw it. Anyhow, amazing drawg skills

Eric Munoz says:

Good job!

Could you tell me the name of the song please?

Rubber Duck says:

very nice!

Derek Ke says:

Great drawing

Edwin Montesinos says:

I spotted instantly too: the drawed hot dog had too many details.

CamillaDK says:

Nice work! Would love to know what materials you use for your drawings? Im looking for something to use for highlights, that you can use on dark areas? Thanks // Camilla ?

OVO XO says:

WoW!! Amazing, I. Probably would've tried to eat the drawing….yummm…now I'm hungry.

NachmaN says:

I'm the 500th like LOL

NachmaN says:

DAMN! the signature looks soooooooooo 3D!!!

erwin liao says:


Abi Gail says:

Wow! You fooled me…

ApolinarioUC Belac says:

somebody know the song?

Citizen Diaz says:

I knew it because of the shadow. Left (the real one)one have a smooth shadow.But was great nevertheless.

Stan Wong says:

Amazing drawing! Really stunning! Thx for sharing this with us!

Nazar Niyazov says:

Очень круто! 🙂 Вы талант!

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