Heart, Painting, Abstract, Acrylic, Art, How to Paint, Flames, Fire, Herz malen

heart, painting, abstract, acrylic, art, how to, paint a heart, flames, fire, how to paint flames, fire, Herz malen, Flammen, Feuer, abstract acrylic painting of a heart, heart painting with…

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Vanessa Bff says:

Das ist soo richtig schön ich finde sie können voll gut malen 

Silver Soundwave says:

This was great help! Thank you!

Theresia Sanford says:

Please can you tell the brush you used for the pinkie coulor in the back
ground…….I am very much in love with these painting’s, what gave you
the idea ?…….I have candles light a lot it makes me feel good and

Maddie France.

Sharon Morton says:

Gorgeous painting. Great technique. Thanks for posting. WOW!

sem m says:

I love it so much ♡

Brigitte König says:

Thank you so much, your lovely 😉

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