G-Pen Review: Will It Copic?

Hey everyone! I got some art supplies for Christmas, so I decided to share them with you in a rambling video!
The items:
Tachikawa pen holder,
Zebra G-pen nib,
Zig Cartoonist (kuretake) Sumi Ink 60.
I definitely like my new pen and ink, but it will take a lot of practice to use it well.
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Andere Anleitung finden?
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John Milton says:

Another thing that's important to test is how black is the black. I bought higgins black magic ink and you can see a lot of streaks in the filled in areas. When I fill in with my pintel pocket brush, it looks as black as a printed comic so I'm shopping around for a new ink. Still a helpfull video though. I'll be sure to 👍

JayTheBirdFlyZ says:

If anyone wants a waterproof version of this, go for the Zig Kutetake black ink 60. Its waterproof, as opposed to the sumi!

Just Someone says:

does it smear with heavy colouring? like more than 3 layers of colour?

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