Father – hyper realistic oil painting on canvas – fabiano Millani

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Pravin Paul says:

amazing work brother. I feel your are the best in this world.

Dayana Sabóia says:

Olá! Quero dizer que amei seu estilo, acho até que essa pintura vale bem mais que 3 mil reais. Estou começando a trabalhar com óleo e artistas como vc me inspiram. Podes me dizer quais as cores base para essa tonalidade de pele? Muito sucesso! Abraço.

Rodeia Asté says:


ganelda says:

Fantastic talent!

Linda Lajoie says:

Wow! Fantastic talent!

扶摇直上 says:

NB Perfect!!!

Mindy Stoda says:

WOW you are the best realistic painter I have ever seen! Your work is amazing! You have a true gift and greatest talent my friend. I am in awe.

clesio antonio says:

fantástico.. Seu trabalho e sensacional..

maro kriste says:

i see there you got whol bunch of brushes ,Do you teach in some school i see chair it is not like tipical studio?

Dawid Głogowski says:


Celeste Garcia says:

wow real talent !, impresionate !

Marco Debart says:

50 dumbasses disliked this amazing work. smh…

DrawMe Caricatures says:

Awesome work!

Lenny Bonapart says:

what kind of canvas, it looks more like a panel.

samantha kitchener says:

Holy crap dude your so fucking awesome I would love to paint like that. I'll hopefully get their one day.

damir123damir says:

This is fantastic, perfect proportions… great…

paperplane456 says:

You have paint in your hair

Quasimoto Glez says:

IMPRESIONANTE!!!! pero, please use a bigger brush……

Miguel De Diego says:


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