Drawing a Diamond Ring, Hyperrealistic art

How to draw a luxury diamond engagement ring (time-lapse) with watercolor pencils (Caran d’Ache supracolor soft), markers (Letraset Tria) and white acrylic paint. Diamond ring. Gold and diamond jewelry ring. Hyper realistic art. Huge round diamond.

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Final picture deviantart: http://dmartit.deviantart.com/art/Diamond-ring-drawing-480193751

Time: 5 hours.

Music under a Creative Commons Attribution license:
‚Already There (No Vocals)‘ by Josh Woodward

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Nuzhat says:

This helped me so much draw my version… I have a video on my channel if anyone is interested ☺️

Maharlika Torres says:

how to make jewelrys

Рехана Заирова says:

Super mega hyper cool

roryta says:

That was incredible

Semanur Aksoy says:

very beautiful 👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍

Giuseppe De Luise says:

MI chiedo se costi di piu' un diamante vero oppure questa riproduzione! una critica: dovevi disegnare all'interno dell' anello il marchio dell'oro "750", oppure una dedica, magari un nome…sarebbe stato iperrealismo puro!

Kiss My Art says:


Veselina красавицата от приказкатя says:


ArdleyWorthWatching - Minecraft says:

Looks so real

Julie Benjamin says:

Wow , amazing 💕💕💕

Rocky Rk says:

Speak-less….just awesome.

Ilze Rens says:

I've never seen such amazing jewellery drawings! Truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing / showcasing your talent with us. :)

fatima alvizo says:

i loved.it looks really beautiful

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