Corinne Sutter malt ein Bilderrätsel (official) – #srfdgst (with English/French/Italian subtitles!)

Um ein Gemälde zu malen, braucht es bekanntlich viel Zeit und Ruhe. Doch Corinne Sutter (30) aus Aarwangen (BE) zeigt, wie man das auch auf einer sehr hektischen Bühne schafft. Und wie! Sie zeichnet Herrn Gress und Bligg, kassiert vier rote Buzzer und geht schlussendlich trotzdem mit drei «Ja» nach Hause.

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Anuththara Fernando says:

Fuck that bitchy judge! They should replace them. That lady judge is a fucking bitchy asshole

churrominos zarolho says:


Edwin Garcia says:

nice apology susanne. oh wait. you didn't apologize.

Maria Luiza Maia says:

espero que ela tenha todo sucesso que merece, bom pra esses jurados desrespeitosos que riram de sua arte quando foi na verdade muito mais incrível do que qualquer coisa que ele um dia poderão criar ou fazer. Essa grande artiste tem meu respeito e meu voto de aprovação!

_ SPUXS_ says:

Não pode anular os votos não?

nachoo 14035 says:

dibujo a negan de the walking dead

sandrOOVideo says:

infecte cette langue

Stas Dyldin says:

girl great talent

Linus Büchler says:

How is the name from this song?

željka strbat says:

introduce a curtosy rule by which every contestant is enabled to start and finish their act within a prearranged time span to avoid such abrupt mistakes from happening

Corrine you are so gifted

laung biru says:

Don't be a judges 

Theófilo Sabbioni says:

Wie viel hat er für das Bild bezahlt?

Afonso Marques says:

That´s why I hate these programs!!

Natalie CH says:

Sorry aber do seht me wie d Kuenz wieder emol schafft "alli" Jury-Mitglieder zum Buzzer z dränge. Eifach nur lächerlich. Sätz wie "Come on, schöne Doppelbuzzer" kömme eifach nur fräch übere und wie sie sich au no "freut" das d Kanditate buzzeret wärde, eifach nur truurig. Klar gits immer Kandidate wo die Buzzer berächtigt sind, aber nur will mol für 30 Sekunde kei "Action" isch, heisst das no lang nid das do kei Talent dehinter steckt. Do het meh wieder emol gued gseh das sie eifach nid in die Jury passt. Das isch mini Sicht vo dere ganze Situation und ihr müend die au nid teile, aber das ha ich eifach mol wele gseit ha.

bad boy says:

that lady judge name is susanne kunz, and shes totally an asshole! really cheap judge they choose for this

TheSeasonGamer says:

kut moffen die tevroeg beoordelen.

Surpomo says:

This made me cry, I felt so sorry for her. She didn't even take long, they were just being horribly unpatient. In todays society everything has to be so fast and peoples attentionspan is sooo short. She is really talented

Sevrid Grey says:

what was happening for the judges? oh idk, maybe a few minutes of waiting could've sufficed. Wow, thanks.
Honestly as an ex-aspiring artist, people like these are the obstacles in the race of art. Sadly, I stumbled and got crippled on it that I never got back up (especially if its your parents who told you so). Thank God she still just bulldozed that hurdle, I'm amazed and I love how she just… she's just strong enough to face the judges after the buzzers. I wouldn't be too mad with them, for the decision, bat that was too hasty. Why I don't like them, however, is how they seem to suddenly flip a switch that makes me think it's so fake and was made only to please the crowd. because underdogs, right? The only person I think was quite genuine is the old bro she drew first.

João Antonio Ribeiro Brito says:

Can you upload it with Portuguese subtitle ? Please

Jay Suniga says:

panoorin po ninyo to mga kapatid ang tawag dito ay ang paghusga…ang buhay dito sa mondo mga kaptid ay nasa huli ang pagsisisi…hindi pa tapos at hindi pa nila nasaksihan ang tunay na panangyayari naghusga na sila

Lacriza1 says:

Художника обидеть может всякий…
Далее мысленно цитирую Лаврова

kamal muhamad says:

This video teach us to be patient on something

‫عبدالله محمد‬‎ says:

مافهمت شي

JordyvA says:

Too bad this is all scripted and fake..

Rizky adhisatya says:

Too discriminated. If im in her position. I dont want accept their apology.

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