In this tutorial I will explain some of the techniques I have used drawing this realistic eye with a teardrop. Use these techniques to create depth and make your eye look wet. Watch my other tutorials too. MATERIALS: Bristol smooth surface paper: Faber Castell graphite 2h-8b: CretaColor nero black: Faber Castell pencil eraser Kneaded eraser: White uni posca 0.7mm: Blending stump and soft tissue. SUBSCRIBE: On this channel I share time lapse videos and tutorials of my pencil drawings. I hope you can learn something from it. If you have any questions about drawing [mehr]
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This is a drawing of a realistic eye made with charcoal pencils. I just want to say thanks for all the support and the 20k subscribers! In return, I hope I am able to help you guys learn how to draw a realistic eye like I can. Maybe you will learn something? Let me know what you think of this how to draw video. How to draw a realistic eye. What do you guys think? If you would like to see more drawings subscribe to my channel! Support me on Facebook! Follow me on Instagram! (0:26) Y&V [mehr]
Keep your eye on the upper left corner to see which pencil I’m using at any given time. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching and please like, comment, subscribe and share. Thank you. Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
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Sorry for starting almost halfway, recording got messed up. This is a charcoal and graphite drawing of Bradley Cooper on Canson Bristol paper. Follow me Instagram: jeffreyappiatu_art Facebook: Jeffrey Appiatu Art Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
Pencil Drawing Tutorial Info: For the dark pencils with no graphite shine demonstrated in this drawing video I now have 2 pencil kits available Here’s a link to the latest that contains all the pencils, blending materials and erasers I use. Below is the link for the first kit: This drawing tutorial will show you some of the graphite and charcoal drawing pencils I use to render and shade my extremely realistic pencil drawings. I am the artist that produced „The Man Behind the Paper“ and other realistic drawings that so many people are attempting to reproduce [mehr]
Hyperrealistic drawing of an empty bottle of Coca-Cola ★★ IF YOU ❤ the EMPTY bottle = LIKE ★★ ★★ IF YOU ❤ the FILLED bottle = COMMENT ★★ Filled glass coke bottle drawing: ➜ SUBSCRIBE ➜ FACEBOOK ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ GOOGLE+ ➜ TWITTER ➜ MUSIC: „Common Culture“ by Standard Licence ➜ MY TOOLS: ➜ FINAL DRAWING: ➜ FINAL PICTURE: ➜ THIS DRAWING TOOK ME: 4 hours 30 minutes Hiperrealismo, dibujo: botella vacía de Coca-Cola Hiper-realismo, desenho: garrafa vazia de Coca-Cola 超写实 画画 空瓶子可口可乐 Гиперреализм, Рисование: пустая бутылка кока-колы ハイパーリアリズム, [mehr]
3D Portrait of Deadpool by Marcello Barenghi ➜ FACEBOOK ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ SUBSCRIBE ➜ GOOGLE+ ➜ TWITTER ➜ FINAL DRAWING: ➜ MY TOOLS: ➜ THIS DRAWING TOOK ME: 5 hours 48 minutes ➜ MUSIC: „Accidents Will Happen“ by Silent Partner, YouTube Audio Library Full drawing process Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
In this video, Darrel shares his experience with capturing skin textures and skin colors — and making them look realistic. Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
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This realistic eye drawing was done with only One Pencil along with my blending and shading techniques. Visit: to see how to access the full length, step by step tutorial of this hyper realistic drawing. This tutorial includes pdf downloads of my reference photo and my original drawing. It also includes my narration throughout the entire drawing process. Click: Information on how to obtain the 9xxb pencil and all of the blending, shading, and measuring tools used. Music by Don Taylor-Varrion Ltd. – © 2004-2015. Used with permission for this purpose. Thanks for watching! Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
How to draw a coin (silver dollar) time-lapse with watercolor pencils (Caran d’Ache supracolor soft), markers (Letraset Tria) and white gel pen. Money. American dollar. Silver eagle. USA. How to draw silver. Silver coin drawing. How to draw a silver coin. How to draw metal. How to draw shiny surfaces. How I draw a coin. Hyper realistic art. If you like this video share it and leave a like or a comment. Time: 6 hours. Free Music youtube audio library: ‚Zoom‘ by Vibe Tracks TAG: how to, how to draw, USA, United states, how to draw a coin, coin drawing, [mehr]
How to draw a pomegranate (time-lapse) with watercolor pencils (Caran d’Ache supracolor soft), markers (Letraset Promarker and Tria) and white acrylic paint. Pomegranate drawing. Photorealistic art. How to draw a Fruit. Drawing fruit. Draw fruit. Paint still life. Pomegranate drawing. draw fruits. Hyper realistic art. Paint fruits. Pomegranate drawing. Drawing pomegranate. If you like this video share it and leave a like or a comment. Time: 8 hour 15 minutes Music under a Attribution sharealike license: „Shine“ by Jahzzar TAG: how to, pomegranate drawing, draw pomegranate, draw fruit, pomegranate fruit, colored pencil, drawing fruit, how to draw, how to [mehr]
Nathan’s Ballpoint Pen Art Website: Instagram: nathanlorenzanaart Facebook:… Promotional Piece commissioned by Pilot Pens through Imydi Corp. Guatemala. Pilot ballpoint pen on white paper (including Pilot logo) Model: Angela Lopez (Guatemala) This is a piece done exclusively for Pilot Pens. They were very kind and interested in my work. This might be the first of many drawings to promote this awesome brand of writing tools. There is a video shot of parts of the process if you’re interested in looking how I paint certain parts of this piece. The model, Angela López, was very supportive and essential to [mehr]
Prismacolor colored pencil drawing – In memory of Robin Williams, who brought us so many laughs and smiles. He will truly be missed. My Facebook page: Twitter: Music: Going Home by Tom Day Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
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Ritratto a matita iperrealista. Hyper-realistic pencil portrait. Music: „Uke on!“ „Bodysurfing“ by Honoka & Azita Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
Drawing eyes is a very good way to improve your drawing skills and great fun to do. In this specific drawing lesson, you can see exactly what materials you need and how to proceed to reach a super realistic effect. I wish you all the succes! Click here should you want to print out the eye: Andere Anleitung finden?Loading Support my FACEBOOK page: 🙂 FOLLOW ME ON G+: FINAL PICTURE: DRAWING TOOLS: MUSIC: „Glory, Glory“ by (Standard Licence) This drawing took me: 4 hours and 50 minute How to draw an Oreo sandwich cookies pocket pack with colored pencils and markers Comment dessiner un paquet de biscuits Oreo avec crayons de couleur et marqueurs Come disegnare un pacchetto di biscotti Oreo con matite colorate e pennarelli Cómo dibujar un paquete de galletas Oreo con la técnica mixta Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
IT’S NOT A PHOTO ! Diego Lazio (ala DiegoKoi) is an amazing artist. He draw hyper realistic portrait with pencil. Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
This is my first timelapse video, let me know what you think! This eye is just a piece of a much larger drawing, subscribe for updates! Follow me and on Instagram and Twitter @DaughertyArt and like my Facebook page „Brenden Daugherty Artworks“ for more updates and special deals on prints and other products in the future! Model: Melanie Damore Reference Photo: Frederick Dunn at Suspended Moments Photography Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
For some great portrait drawing tutorials, sign up for free here: Connect With Us: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+: If you can’t find the links or resource that I refer to in the video, it’s because they are posted in the original lesson. You can go watch the FULL tutorial (with everything included) here: In this video, I’m going to show you some simple tip and technique to help you draw better realistic portraits. The methods and techniques that I teach in my videos are drawn from drawn from many different artist teachers whom I [mehr]
Visit me on FB: Hyperrealistic drawing made with charcoal and graphite in over 300 hours of work by Emanuele Dascanio. Video by Luca Pischedda. – „The Father“ does not want a divorce with „Die Mutter“. This is my Father. 80 x 65cm 2013 Emanuele Dascanio was an Italian artist of only 30 years old but who has exhibited with artists of international fame and his works are present in various collections around the world, including Italy, Dublin, Brussels, Singapore, Monte Carlo. To see other works by Emanuele Dascanio visit – – Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
See more of Stefan’s work here: Want to see more like this? Follow us on Pinterest/Instagram: @artfido Twitter: @artfido Andere Anleitung finden?Loading Support my FACEBOOK page: 🙂 FOLLOW ME ON G+: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: MUSIC: Music is royalty-free music from Free Stock Music FINAL PICTURE: MY DRAWING TOOLS: THIS DRAWING TOOK ME: 3 hours and 10 minutes Hyperrealistic drawing of a medieval viking armor helm, timelapse video of the entire drawing process, mixed media drawing on gray paper by Marcello Barenghi – Italian Art Here are two of my drawings copied by real life (airbrush and coloured pencils): Andere Anleitung finden?Loading
William Bradley „Brad“ Pitt is an American actor and producer on of my favorite actors with great movies such as Troy , fight club and world war z . His face is very uniq with many angles and details . For this drawing i used a paper stump , electric eraser and 8B 6B 4B 2B HB 2H and 6H pencils . The size is 21×29 in an A4 paper . This is the 3rd Hyperrealistic drawing . Thanks for Watching and dont forget to subscribe . For more you can visit my other pages : Facebook : Twitter [mehr]