Can you believe this is oil painting pictures?

She IS an oil painting: Artist’s incredible hyper-realistic portraits of women look just like photos
At first glance these images may look like photographs, but they are in fact paintings.
Created by Marco Grassi, an Italian artist working in Milan, his artworks convey a sense of realism that cause many to take a second look.
Grassi’s works of art are so very detailed they appear to have a photographic quality to them.
The intimate portraits depict models looking away shyly away from the camera but with some surreal patterns either floating above them or cut out into their delicate skin.
Their skin appears to be perfect and has a velvety fuzz. Even the individual strands of hair are visible as it flows gently down their bodies.
Grassi calls the style of his photoreal paintings ’surreal hyperrealistic.‘
He told The Huffington Post that he’s inspired by different textures: ‚I’m especially attracted to the material’s consistency, how the light catches them and how the light reflects off them just like how a precious stone, pottery or glass would.‘

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Henk Emperor says:

So awesome! It's a new reality, a better one!

abizhar revenge says:

Thats CGI lol…

Sunil Kumar says:

how can?
really amazing ….God gift only

Priatno Pri says:

I like you painting

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