Birch Tree Painting tutorial. Speed Demo. 3D. Großes Acrylbild. Baum Birken malen by ilonka

Large Birch Tree Painting use Acrylic Paint and Palette knife. 72 x 30 x 1,8″ ( 180 x 75 x 4cm). Enjoy the Art 🙂
Großes Acrylbild mit Birken. Viel Spaß!
Aufnahme: Oktober 2015.
Live Tutorials:
Cherry Tree:

Youtube-Musik: „As we Go“ by The 126ers

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Havens Madison says:

may i do something similar? i would use different colors and a slightly different technique…… if you are not ok with it thats fine i will do something else…..

Feuerkröte says:

Was hast du da draufgestreut?

Divyanjali Chauhan says:

nobody can dislike the video

Jaseena kt says:

Why don't you tell the things used like which medium and paint.. So that we can give it a try

Lorraine Healey says:

Absolutely beautiful! You make it look so easy!

Lulu H says:

I love your art work, your amazing

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