Basic Strokes of Painting Goldfish in Sumi Ink and Watercolor

Chinese Painting Tutorial: Basic Strokes of Painting Goldfish, Sumi,

Medium: Ground Ink, Marie’s Chinese Painting Colors, Single Xuan Rice Paper, Waterbrush Pens

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Stev Daws says:


Stev Daws says:


Bryan says:

Comment. Je Dessiner frenci. 

Knight Esparza says:

Do you do any other kind of fishes and animals.

Simon Briggs (Explonova) says:

That was a lovely demonstration! Thank you for showing us your techniques.

mrfrostyacakezz says:

Amazing art

primebrat says:

thank you! you're adorable! charming lesson ~*~

tatkap58 says:

Очень, Очень красиво!!! Спасибо! Прекрасный урок! Прекрасный стиль! Я восхищаюсь Вашими уроками!

MrJkabs says:

I take my hat off to you sir! The whole time, I was all "OOOoOOO…..AAAaaaaAAhhh!" lol

ohemmi says:

The gold time I was looking for a wonder it took me so long to Not see the rabbit.

calme87 says:

Beside the Uniqueness of it, I've always felt that Chinese Calligraphy and Kanji, have this of Discipline and Order in them, I was just watching Wang Duo calligraphy and I'm really fascinated by it, they combine Flexibility and Loose line and a Very Controlled Motion at the same time! I'm From Egypt, in the Calligraphy have always been a hobby for me, Regardless the Language, But Arabic/ Persian and Asian Calligraphy for me were the Best! Greetings from Egypt!:)

Hop Jump says:

Ah! Beautiful! thank you;)

Henry Li says:

@fireclan You can find a video clip called "Amy's Demo: How to Make Handmade Sumi Ink with Inkstick and Inkstone " in my channel that will shows you everything. Thank you for asking.

Henry Li says:

@roflasians Other than our BlueHeronArts com store, you can also find them on eBay(ID: greetingland), Amazon(blue-heron-arts-co.hostedbyAmazon) or Etsy. If you come to Southern California by any chance, search us on Google map and make an appointment to try out some samples at our home studio. Thank you for your question.

roflasians says:

where else can you get xuan and bomboo paper?

Henry Li says:

@lilmantt1992 Yes, certain regular watercolors are ok to be used on absorbent rice paper, but for best result use Marie's Chinese painting colors, which are available at our online store. Western watercolor tends to bleed when rewet during wet mounting or stretching. So you need stretch either before painting, or use silicone dry-mounting paper to mount it in order to avoid color running.

Ismael R says:

always happy to see a new video, thank you
again, you make it look effortless, a true artist indeed.

Amal FM says:

very nice..thank you for ur great videos

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