Bamboo Chinese Brush Painting („Sumi-e“ in Japanese)

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How to draw bamboo „knot by knot“(Step by Step) in the principle of „笔断意联“ (idea completes with the absence of stroke).

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Anna Daldossi says:

Complimenti maestro!!!!

Mistinxa Kies says:

Wow, it's really amazing how some basic and simple brush strokes create beautiful art work! Keep it up Mr. Li! 

Kanari152 says:

What kind of paper did you use? Was it rice paper?

Toty Khalid says:

We draw this at school

Henry Li says:

Thanks! I used piston-filler water brush pen. You can find them at our online store at BlueHeronArts.

Suely Carriao says:

I liked the way you comment, clear enough for understanding the meanning of traditional Chinese/Sumie painting stressing the composition and the youse of clear space. I just wonder what kind of brush were you using??? looks pretty strange comparing to traditional bamboo ones…
Nice job anyway! Thank You!

Larry Nelson says:

very nice, beautiful picture–thank you

Helena says:

WTF! My littlebrother has useing my Youtube profile… Sorry for that.

jr2nd says:

@MaMofan1 you can give a constructive comment when you can spell SHOULD properly and not "sould"

Dank Smaug says:

looks great man!

Henry Li says:

@MaMofan1 Thanks for pointing that out!:-) "The wonder is in between the resembling and dis-resembling." (Master Ch'i Pai-shih)

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