Art House: Ever Wondered What Hyper realistic Paintings Are,Then See Insanity Exhibition Pt1 1

There may be a notion that these works of art are probably pictures but erase that thought because they are paintings, hyper realistic ones that feels so real ,the crowd here can’t resist to take a closer look at the works on display, works done by 10 talented young hands that put the d in the details.
The medley of seeing all sorts of art in the same room inspired the theme for the show, individually they are strong but coming together brings so much energy into the room.
The Omenka gallery is collaborating with the Frot Foundation to support these artists so the world can know that the future of the creative industry is bright.
They work with charcoal, graphite, acrylic, pastel, oil and wood on over 30 works of art with titles such as famished, message from the sea, engrossed, story from April, it’s left to you just to mention a few.
The artists talk about what inspired them to do this
They are not oblivious of what’s happening in their environment, so they talk about the issues they are passionate about the only way they know how.
The exhibition titled insanity is the first in the series that’s according to the organisers as they have a mission to keep the arts scene vibrant and alive.
And after getting a taste of what’s more to come, the audience will surely be looking forward to the next series.
The signature gallery is filled with works of art done by contemporary artist, Nyemike Onwuka, some paintings, drawings and installations all looking at one issue, slavery.
But he’s exploring this issue from a different perspective, not from the days of yore but modern bondage and he speaks first hand to those who have lived to tell their tale which is reflected in the works seen here.
He also points fingers at those who started the fire, the slave drivers who under the guise of modernity abuse those under their care and put them in bondage.
This installation titled gridlock, vividly captures this message, Nyemike adds colour to the cage which is surrounded by chains and clothes of children, creating an imagery of a happy sad moment
If that does make you quiver at the thought of what’s really happening right now then this series takes a more subtle approach to a deep and depressing topic. The title match with the drawings, we speak, we see, we hear and we conquer.
The artist uses two subjects to capture this issue women and children, this artist has always had a knack for reproducing great expressions of the female figure in all he beauty and glory but not this time, now he sees her a bit differently, is all that beauty only skin deep, else why are these children suffering? Who bore them? Who makes them go out and trade? Who is not taking care of them?
These and many more questions is what’s plaguing this artists mind and he releases them using earthy tones with images on large canvases so there’s no doubt about the subject its crystal clear ,in other instances some black and white drawings to installations.
According to the artist, he’s not alluding to the fact that all of them are bad eggs but there’s no doubt that the bad ones exist and need to be removed.
With Exodus, the artist is adding his voice to those asking for the need to change society for the better so it’s more than art for art sake, art should make a difference and cause people to think and do things properly.

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