Acrylmalerei Fließtechnik Farben verdünnen, Fluid Acrylic Painting how to thin down paint colors

Acrylmalerei Fließtechnik Farben verdünnen, originale lange Demo Version, Fluid Acrylic Painting how to thin down paint colors, Art, long originale demonstr…

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Brigitte König says:

Acrylmalerei Fließtechnik: Farben mit Wasser verdünnen – Fluid Acrylic
Painting how to thin down the colors

herrmschmidt says:

vielen dank fürs uploaden….

Barbara Nina says:

Merci Brigitte pour toutes ces précieuses informations. Bonne journée 

Andreas Christensen says:

Perfect. Thank you for uploading this video. 🙂
I Will try this now :)

boxer3086 says:

Thank you for speaking in English! Really helped me here in Southern
California. Anxious to try this tecnique. Looks like fun! Thanks for the

MagfromFlorida says:

Thank you very much you all the hard work! Especially on the recent one!
Showing some of us „novice “ is sooooo helpful…after a few disaster, I
will come back watch your new videos & re-watch the older ones! You’re a
very talented artist with a HUGE HEART and I truly thank you!!!!

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