Abstract Painting. Abstrakte Malerei.Peinture abstraite.抽象绘画.抽象画.AVI

Process of abstract painting. How to make abstract painting.
Prozess der abstrakten Malerei. Wie man abstrakte Malerei.
Processus de la peinture abstraite.Comment faire de la peinture abstraite.
抽象绘画过程. 如何使抽象绘画
抽象絵画のプロセス. どのように抽象絵画を作成する
Процесс создания абстрактной живописи

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belaone says:

This is absolutely beatiful! I love it. What colors and brand did you use?

Gary Braniff says:

Great piece of art

Brian Platz says:

I see you like to let people know you think their work sucks quite frequently. There's no need for that in the art world my man. It's about building people up. Work on it.

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