Abstract landscape / lightning, Abstrakte Landschaft / Blitz, 1

In kurzer Zeit entsteht mit Hilfe einfacher Techniken ein abstraktes Bild, dass auch im weitesten Sinne an eine Landschaft erinnert. Ich wünsche Euch viel Freude beim Anschauen – und vor allem beim Nachmalen!

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werner Freudenberger says:

Ich bin fasziniert von Deinem Können.wie heißt die musik???

Tina Blunk says:

Is there any reason you painted on paper instead of canvas or art board? Thank you. And thank you for these wonderful videos! I also enjoy the music. What a blessing you, your art, and your videos are to me. 💗

Muhammad Dadapeer says:

😍i seriously loved it….it was stupendo fantastically fantastic…nailed it😊👌👌👌

MagicWand2012 says:

Amazing. Thank you for sharing, very inspiring! <3 Regarding the last medium, called "Binder" in German. Is this the same as Gloss Heavy Gel Medium? (Liquitex) Normally I use to blend that Medium in the acrylic paint. Can it be used as top coating? ( Untill now I have used only Verniss Medium over the ready painting). ?? Nice to learn about different ways.

Kathy Gledsdale says:

I came across this by accident and I am so glad I did, your picture is amazing. Thank you.

Lucy Rox says:

I love your art! Danke for sharing your wonderful talent.

Bernd Himmerich says:

ganz grosse klasse ich bin begeistert

mirouze monique says:

merci Gerda,trés bel effet!.Je vais essayer.

Joe Mac says:

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Susan A says:

When the paper gets wet it forms waves or wrinkles. I noticed yours did as well.  How did you get them out so you could continue painting?

Nina Oakman says:

That is brilliant

Janice Scott says:

i love watching you work! 🙂

LibellulaGlass says:

Beautiful work, thanks so much for sharing your methods. Your scupltures on your website are stunning as well. Danke.

Odile Jenouvrier says:

Bonjour, J'aime beaucoup votre peinture, mais peut-on obtenir la même chose sur une toile ? Merci.

Morpheus Art Studio says:

love it love it love it!!

Bernice Seigel says:

Love it! Thanks as always, B

Ryna Cote says:

I love your work Gerda, you are a great artist, thank you for sharing your techniques.

féelibré says:

decidement, j aurais beaucoup de questions a vous poser ce soir!! veuilliez m'en excuser mais ce que vous faites est trop beau et nous inspire tellement!!
pouvez vous nous dire quel type de papier vous utilisez?
j ai pu lire tous les commentaires que j ai d abord traduits en francais, merci de repondre a beaucoup de gens , j ai pu completer ainsi les manques de la video qui est super bien faite, merci gerda

Rachael Jacobs says:

What kind of paper or canvas are  you using and what kind of paints? I love the results!

Tony Lee says:

I really like how this technique works for you. You have a lot of creative ideas. Thanks for sharing

Gerda Lipski says:

The Umber I used, was raw Umber, but you can use burnt Umber, too, the mixtures are a little warmer then.

Billie Gerard says:

Hello Gerda, thank you for sharing. The umber color you used, was it burnt umber or raw umber? Thank you so much, your work is beautiful!

A.McK says:

Danke für das tolle Video!  😀
Ich steige, ehrlich gesagt, nicht ganz dahinter, wie die Risse entstehen, z.B. bei 4:20. Durch das Föhnen, das Abtupfen mit dem Papier oder ist das weisse Farbe…..?  🙂 

Darlene Bromberger says:

All I can say is WOW.   I think I am going to try this on a canvas.  Gorgeous.   Thank you so much for sharing your art and how you create it.   Your process just fascinates me to no end.  

Hermi Pieler says:

was wird hier auf das leere Bild aufgetragen, also was für eine weiße Masse ist das bzw. woraus gemacht?

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