7 Hyper Realistic Paintings

7 Amazing Paintings That Look Like Photographs

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Clashcraftclansroyale says:

Pff, thesis easy, just 400 years of practice and 80 years of actually painting them

Joshua Wheeler says:

Pfft… Easy!! I could draw paint any of these so easily! It would only take yard of practice/ training and repetitive years worth of trial and error… Piece of cake

the Divided States of America says:

number 7 and 2, im having a really hard time believing that is a painting.

Joshua Day says:

My mind is boggled by #2 (._.")

Caitlin Watson says:

i dont see a bunch of random triangles and lines so this cant be called art (sarcasm)

SpiritReaper says:

7 wast the most realistic

furtherbeyond says:

Number 6 is gross, you can tell it is a painting and does not even deserve to be in this group. Number 4 is good but you can still tell it is a painting.

GravelsNotAFood says:

Great pictures, now show the paintings. 

Account Deleted For Good ;c says:

2, is just.. So real but it seems unreal that it's been painted

Juan Leon says:

2,5 and 7 are the best

Clown Bass says:

2 should be the top 1

good video tho 

Nilamani Art says:

muchas gracias este video es genial

PurpleOldMaN says:

#2 has gotta be fake 

John M Harper says:

Ah! Both artists are air-brushers.

John M Harper says:

Dru is an airbrush artist. You can get that realism.

Braelyn Nelson says:

omg none of these look like paintings! holy crap!

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